Putting Your Faith into Practice

Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring series designed to help participants live their faith more fully. Through daily prayerful meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), they will be drawn into an intimate and life-changing encounter with Christ. Daring to Walk the Walk, the first series of Walking Toward Eternity, introduces seven key virtues and outlines practical steps for living them out in daily life.

This study shows how to put our Catholic faith into practice through prayer and action. The result is real, often-profound change occurring in people’s lives as they begin living as God intended them to.

It will take time…this particular study suggests a minimum of 15 minutes at least 4 days a week NOT including the day of grouping. In reviewing it myself, I think it is better to have more time if possible…the more time we can devote to this, the better, the deeper the results, in my humble opinion…but know that you need at the very least 15 minutes 4 times a week of quiet, reflective, time to give to the Lord on top of the 2 hour session of grouping.

During grouping there will be a lot of silence…this is because we are allowing the Spirit to move within us as we explore the scriptures given to us on a particular topic. Love, Forgiveness, humility, prayerfulness, faithfulness, sacrifice and thankfulness…

Part of the group session is to include time with the Lord…unfortunately, we will not be grouping in the church and so this time with the Lord will not be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament…you will have to have a quiet spot for yourselves within your home that you dedicate for this purpose…

There are a total of 8 sessions, first one being descriptive/how to…They will begin on Thursday April 8 until Thursday May 27 2021. The sessions will be hosted on Zoom from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Breakdown of the session:

  • Welcome/opening prayer
  • Small group discussions (approx. 45 minutes)
  • DVD presentation (approx. 50 minutes)
  • Individual silent prayer at home…

The approximate cost of the study is $25. This may be different once the order is placed as all comes from the US and the exchange rate changes daily. (there are also shipping costs which I am hoping to negotiate depending on the amount of books)

Please consider this prayerfully and let me know if you would like to participate. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you believe would benefit from it as it is on line – so space is not an issue.

I do not have an official deadline to order the books however I will place my first order by March 15 to ensure that I have the books in time to organize a way to get them out to you prior to April 8th…Anyone can join at any time but the cost of the study program will likely be more expensive if it is purchased as a single study…just so you are aware.

Take a look – think about it – pray about it – and let me know!

God bless,