Phase II (April-August 2021):

  • re-poynting and restoration of the front section from the central buttress extending to the north-east buttress, incl flashing.

Phase I:

re-poynting central and north-east buttresses, incl flashing. (2013)

Front steps

shifting of the footings over 120 years caused severe cracks and fissures in the concrete steps and apron.

  • the plan required re-design, removal and construction of new steps
  • steps were removed and excavated down to the footings
  • exterior walls below grade and behind steps were re-poynted
  • new footings, foundation were constructed
  • photos show the process Sep-Dec 2015

Church Interior

In 1990, the parish embarked on a project to restore the interior of the church in time for the 100th Anniversary in 1992. These are some of the photos during the course of the project. The beautiful restoration of St. Peter Celestine in 1991 demands that we recognize the skill and dedication of the restorer, Stanislaw Dusko.

Mr. Dusko was born at Skole, Poland in 1943 and received his education in that country. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, with a Masters of Arts degree in 1971. His first job was as a ceramics designer at the famous Cmielow porcelain factory. In 1972-73 he was set and costume designer for the Gdynia Musical Theatre, before becoming director of the State School of Arts and Crafts in Gdynia from 1973 to 1977. During this period he was an artistic consultant in the restoration of Gdynia medieval City Hall. In 1976, Mr. Dusko was curator for the Karpacz International Workshop for Painters.

He left Poland for Austria where he worked on church restoration before emigrating to Canada. Since his arrival in our country Stanislaw Dusko has directed the repair or restoration of heritage buildings across southern Ontario. His projects have included the Victoria Memorial Museum (Museum of Nature) in Ottawa, where he was involved in repairs of the museum’s mosaics. He also worked on the Rideau Chapel restoration in the National Gallery.

The scrupulous restoration of St. Peter Celestine is a tribute to the skill and sensitivity of Stanislaw Dusko

Church Tower

In 1981, the parish restored the tower north-east stonework & metal flashing. These are some of the photos during the course of the project.


Pakenham church a monument to community’s dedication

(By Mary Cook, Mississippi Life EMC Jan 1992)

St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Church in Pakenham stands as a testimony to a century of dedication by parishioners who have preserved its grandeur and its place in the community for 100 years. This year, it celebrates its centennial, virtually unchanged since the day it was dedicated and blessed in 1892.

One can almost sense the determination of the parish priest at the time, Father Dominic Lavin, as he set about to oversee the construction of St. Peter Celestine. He worked against the odds.

As well as tending to the spiritual and often the physical needs of about 200 families in the Pakenham and Fitzroy areas, he almost single-handedly oversaw the raising of the money to build the church. Parishioners sold produce, cows and one member sold her flock of turkeys to add to the coffers. Men worked in the bush, earning $75 for the entire winter, and then donating the full sum to the cause.

Father Levin cajoled and encouraged, and in the end he was able to oversee the opening of the church debt free.

He had raised $18,000, and when the cornerstone was blessed on July 31,1892, every piece of mortar, stone and wood had been paid for. There were no outstanding bills. The price included a six bed rectory. The doors were opened, and the church was debt free. The fact that there was nothing inside the magnificent structure was not a deterrent to the worshippers. There was no money left over for fancy pews, painted walls, and altar adornments.

It wasn’t until 1901 that the church finally was decorated inside. This time-span allowed the building to settle and when it came time to work on the interior, the building was solid on its foundations, and there was no shifting to mar the magnificent interior. Sadly, the beloved first priest of the new church died shortly after the dedication.

St. Peter Celestine sits atop a hill in the village of Pakenham, magnificent and mighty. And it isn’t only church members who say it is probably the most beautiful church in the Ottawa Valley. The interior has been completely restored, and yet the integrity of the original design has never been compromised. It remains the same as it was when a young Kathleen Noonan, now 97, sat in one of the pews and watched Montreal artists hand paint the angels. It is believed that they used the face of the young girl as their model. And many say the likeness is remarkable, so no one is refuting the legend.

Today, the same sense of dedication that built and saw the church grow over the past 100 years prevails amongst the parishioners. People like Corinne MacFarlane and Terry Currie who have spent most of a lifetime in the church community see St. Peter Celestine as a solid force in their lives. They have been babies baptized, then married, and finally buried from inside this magnificent church building. They have seen the membership wane and grow back up to where there are now about 170 dedicated families on the roll.

St. Peter Celestine goes into its second century as solid as it was the day it was built. Worth many more thousands today than it was when it was built 100 years ago, its value to the community cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Father William Penney has read the proclamation declaring the commencement of Centennial Year and over the next few months the church will continue to mark this year of celebration with many events including a special Mass to be celebrated by Archbishop Marcel Gervais.

This commemoration year will be a memorial to those early pioneers who had a vision 100 years ago and who worked tirelessly to ensure that future generations would reap the benefits of their labours.


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