St. Peter Celestine
Lending Library

A lending library has been created for our use! You will find in the three cabinets at the back of the church, books and cds for your enjoyment and spiritual growth!

A master list of what is available can be found in a binder located inside the cabinet closest to the handicap lift. You may also click on the lists below at home.

Once you choose what you would like to borrow, 3 easy steps:

1 – remove the lending card from the BOOK or CD
2 – write your information on the card
3 – place the card in the accordion folder in the cabinet.

We ask that you borrow the item for one month at a time. Should you need more time, that is totally fine, but we do ask that you indicate this by updating the date on the lending card so that a volunteer does not call to remind you of your lending timeline…

We truly hope this endeavour helps and encourages you on your spiritual journey!