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The Eucharist unites us. Not just with people at Mass,
but all people formed in the image and likeness of God.

Join Chalice on June 26, and find 2,000 sponsors for children
in developing countries. Learn how Holy Communion invites us
to satisfy the spiritual and physical hungers of others.



Father of a sponsored child, Kenya

I have seen the hand of God. Now I have a house
for my family and my children will have an education.


Elder Luz Rebeca Contuliano, Chile

My life has completely changed since I entered the Sponsorship Program.
I consider my sponsor to be part of my family. Every night I pray to God
for her health and protection. Her kindness knows no bounds.


Sponsored child Miriam, Starehe Girls, Kenya

I was lucky to be selected for the Chalice Sponsorship program,
which catered to my school needs, as well as provided a sponsor
to walk with me throughout my education journey.
Thank you Chalice, for restoring hope in us.


On June 26th, please come to the Chalice Sponsor table
to see either Mike, Margaret or Wayne and sponsor a child (or 2?)