A Bible Study on the Book of Revelation

Have you ever wanted to understand the many mysteries of the Book of Revelation?
Have you ever wanted to know more about the end times?

Join us as we seek to unfold the beauty and mystery of the last book of the Bible.

St Michael’s and St. Peter’s parishes are planning to conduct a Bible Study on the Book of Revelation as current restrictions now allow us to host it inside St Michael’s Church in Corkery.

The course will use Ascension Press Study Guide “Revelation” (Jeff Cavins) as the primary source and St Joseph’s Communications “The End” (Dr. Scott Hahn) as a supplementary source.

At the moment we are planning to run the course ‘in-person’ and Marty Tate will lead the activities. A typical session includes pre-session reading and answering questions in the study guide, discussion on the session’s questions, and a DVD or CD (about 50 min) discussion with Jeff Cavins. There are eleven sessions in the course. The cost for the Ascension Press study guide is approximately $ 50.

While every prophecy has an immediate, a near future, and a future meaning, the focus of this course is the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD.

We desire to start as soon as possible and if you are interested, please contact Marty Tate @ the.tates43@gmail.com or 613-836-3854