Organ Restoration

Casavant opus 718

History: Casavant Frieres built this organ in 1917 for Notre Dame Convent in Ottawa for their chapel. Sometime in the mid-1960’s the convent was closed and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish (Vanier) acquired the organ.

This is a tubular pneumatic organ. Casavant built a number of these organs in the early 1900’s as a basic organ for churches. This is a freestanding organ measuring about 9ft by 9ft and approximately 10ft high. The organ has 2 manuals and a pedal. There are 9 stops encompassing approximately 500 pipes. The woodwork is mostly oak. The front 25 pipes were originally decorated with stencil and artistic paintwork.

Parts of the organ, lead tubing and leather valves, have decayed to make the organ unplayable. These are common problems of pneumatic organs of this age. The facade pipes will be restored to their original glory with the characteristic “Casavant” stencil work.

Organ specs from Casavant


Dismantle and transport the organ

Move the pipe chest

  • support pipe chest during disassembly process
  • when done, slide chest down ramp
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