• In 1990, the parish embarked on a project to restore the interior of the church in time for the 100th Anniversary in 1992. These are some of the photos during the course of the project.



restore 19The beautiful restoration of St. Peter Celestine in 1991 demands that we recognize the skill and dedication of the restorer, Stanislaw Dusko.

Mr. Dusko was born at Skole, Poland in 1943 and received his education in that country. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, with a Masters of Arts degree in 1971. His first job was as a ceramics designer at the famous Cmielow porcelain factory. In 1972-73 he was set and costume designer for the Gdynia Musical Theatre, before becoming director of the State School of Arts and Crafts in Gdynia from 1973 to 1977. During this period he was an artistic consultant in the restoration of Gdynia medieval City Hall. In 1976, Mr. Dusko was curator for the Karpacz International Workshop for Painters.

He left Poland for Austria where he worked on church restoration before emigrating to Canada. Since his arrival in our country Stanislaw Dusko has directed the repair or restoration of heritage buildings across southern Ontario. His projects have included the Victoria Memorial Museum (Museum of Nature) in Ottawa, where he was involved in repairs of the museum's mosaics. He also worked on the Rideau Chapel restoration in the National Gallery.

The scrupulous restoration of St. Peter Celestine is a tribute to the skill and sensitivity of Stanislaw Dusko.



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