Church Cleaner


To provide cleaning services to the parish of St. Peter Celestine Church.


The sacred space of the sanctuary should be treated with dignity and respect. The space of the Church is seen as sacred space, that is, an area where the community celebrates and praises God. Therefore, those who keep the space clean and prepared for worship are giving a great gift to the assembly.

There is also the personal satisfaction achieved from the fact that you are preparing the Church for all of the community to celebrate the Lord’s presence in Word and Eucharist.

Activities / Responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for ensuring that the Church is cleaned and ready for all services (including funerals and weddings)
    To undertake cleaning duties as required, (i.e. cleaning bathroom, sweep, mops, scrubs and vacuums floors and cleans carpet using cleaning solutions, tools and equipment; dust furniture, window sills, altars and statues and church pews weekly, keeping the space prepared for all liturgical functions)
  • Gathers and empties trash and places out for weekly garbage pickup
  • To undertake all duties in accordance with Health & Safety requirements
  • To report any necessary repairs in a timely fashion to the Parish Council member responsible for maintenance foremost and/or chair of the Parish Council or designate should the person responsible for maintenance not be available
  • To report any user issues or problems to chair of the Parish Council or designate
  • To store and maintain all cleaning equipment in a safe and clean manner
  • To undertake other duties commensurate with those of a cleaner
  • Assists in building security, locking and unlocking
  • Purchasing/ordering materials/supplies and submitting receipt to Finance Administration for verification and reimbursement
  • Arrange hymn books/prayer books neatly in pews
  • Gather garbage (ie left over bulletins, etc. from church pews).
  • Check Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towel supplies and stocking supply as needed
  • Refill liquid hand soap if needed
  • Empty, clean out and refill the Holy Water containers every 2 weeks as a minimum, or as required
  • Flexible in availability to accommodate the schedule of Church activities

Skills, Experience, and Qualifications:

  • A church cleaner needs to be an independent worker. Also, regular lifting and moving furniture and other equipment are a typical daily practice.
  • Having a general or specialized knowledge in cleaning products and methods.
  • Experience as a cleaner is also a plus.

Personal Traits and Qualities:

  • Desires to serve, fulfill the duties of the position and commit time and talents to the work.
  • Is honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic.
  • Is able to communicate well with others.
  • Has the ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Having a religious affiliation is optional.

Orientation and Training:

  • Provided by the Pastor, Parish Council/ Responsible Ministry Team or a designated parishioner.

Support, Supervision, and Evaluation:

  • The church cleaner performance will be evaluated annually by the Pastor in cooperation with the Parish Council and the Responsible Ministry Team. The Responsible Ministry Team/Parish Council will meet with the church cleaner on an annual basis to review and revise the work responsibilities.
  • The Pastor and/or Parish Council, Responsible Ministry Team is the first level of support, supervision and evaluation.
  • The church cleaner is accountable to the Pastor foremost and to the chair of the Parish Council, or designate.

Benefits and Working Conditions:

  • The church cleaner is a part-time position and may work at his/her own convenience, an average of 2-3 hours per week.
  • This is a paid position and payment is monthly (there are no tax/unemployment insurance/CPP deductions. Employee is not covered under workman compensation or any other accidental insurance plan and there are no benefits) ____________ (Employee initialize that they have read and understood this statement)
  • There is no paid sick leave, vacation, or paid holidays for part-time staff
  • If time off is required longer than two weeks then the Pastor and Parish Council must be notified. The church cleaner can recommend a substitute if required.
  • Payment schedule is monthly based on the work completed.
  • No timecards or logging of hours worked are required, however the Pastor/Parish Council can enforce at any time.

Resignation/Termination procedure:

  • The church cleaner is required to present in writing to the Pastor and Parish Council a letter of resignation a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of resignation.
  • Notice will be given to the church cleaner by the Pastor and Parish Council a minimum of ten days in advance in the event of termination.
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