Altar Server


Elementary school students who have received Holy Communion are welcome to assist as Altar Servers. Every altar server must attend every Mass they are scheduled for. When a server cannot be present, that server must arrange for a replacement. Initial training is provided. Contact the office for further information.

Parents, speak to your children at length about why they would like to become Altar Server. Altar Servers should be a young boy or girl who display a desire to serve in a more intimate way during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is an extreme privilege to kneel so close to the altar as our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, becomes truly present, body, blood, soul and divinity, at the moment of Consecration. A server is uniquely joined in the Heavenly Supper of the Lamb and serves in the company of those eternally singing "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! Accordingly, a server has a solemn responsibility to do the assigned duties with attention, dignity and reverence.

As Jesus "emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant . . ." servers should set aside their own liturgical preferences and attend to every action of the Divine Liturgy as a team, all rehearsing the pageant in the same manner and style as their companion servers under the authority of the Bishop.

Vocations: What parents should know

The organization of Altar Servers is a very fertile ground wherein the diocese can foster vocations to the priesthood. Thus, the members should be given the basic teachings of the Catholic Church and guided into a life of piety and service. This Religious Instruction Guidebook is intended to supplement the formation they receive from their catechism classes in school or other settings.

For the members who are not called to become priests, the doctrine that they learn will be very useful in their response to the vocation received through the sacrament of Baptism - the universal call to holiness, the sanctification of ordinary work and duties, and the spirituality and apostolate of the laity and its role in the mission of the Church - all of which flow from the new and invigorating insights provided by the Second Vatican Council.

PARENTS: Please read the Altar Server’s Manual with your children. Again, and again. Altar Server’s Manual


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